19 Remote Work Interview Questions

We offer members exclusive access to our jobs database, which is updated every day with new postings in more than 50 career categories. Take the tour to learn more about all of the ways a FlexJobs membership can empower your job search and career. But remember that your resume is just the start for presenting yourself as a solid candidate for a remote position. Continue to reinforce your credentials through a tailored cover letter and a stellar interview that lets employers know you’ll be a valuable addition to the staff from any location.

Altering your schedule for the benefit of the team is a great point that could be brought up. Many of the tips discussed here are also great answers for a candidate to bring up. You’ll have an easier time managing remote team members who you can trust to make the right call on small and medium-sized decisions autonomously. The best remote workers take time to understand the bigger picture, as well as what they need to optimize for at all costs versus where they can be flexible so they can evaluate trade-offs effectively. When all your interactions with colleagues are virtual – either voice, video, or text – it’s easy to miss out on social cues like body language or tone of voice. That’s why remote workers with a high level of emotional intelligence are more successful.

A hiring tool you can wrap your head around

Hiring managers are more cautious about work ethic when running a distributed team. Aim to show that you’ll mesh with the current team and that you have professional habits to make you a great remote worker. Before your interview, research the company and review the job posting to understand their environment. I don’t recommend sharing a challenge from your personal life unless you have an exceptionally good story that you can relate back to the job you’re discussing.

  • Do you have kids at home right now that are going to need attention?
  • And interviews for remote jobs come with their own set of pitfalls.
  • So it really does take some self motivation and willpower to keep on task.
  • And, speaking of solutions, instead of just letting your boss know that there’s a problem, why not offer a solution as well?
  • So answer “yes” with enthusiasm and then discuss how you’ve applied a detail-oriented approach to past work (or academic work if you have no professional experience to point toward).
  • This is one of those work-from-home interview questions that you will probably get asked.

So you can also arrange your work in the way that’s best for you – as long as you get it all done. If your candidate is new to remote work life, get them thinking about how they’ll handle working remotely. You might uncover that they’re an extrovert who craves social time during the workday, or they might be seeking mentorship in a remote work environment. Whatever their answer is, this question will help you understand if they’re a forward thinker and how they might solve those remote work hurdles. Their answer should give background into how they solved challenges. This could be finding time to schedule meetings and communicate with others outside of normal work hours.

Remote Job Interview Questions and Answers

Remote work comes with a long list of benefits and downsides, and they will differ from candidate to candidate. If your candidate says they don’t like that they don’t have an office to go to and you’re 100% remote, then remote work might not be the best option for them. Get the candidate to help you understand what describe your experience working remotely type of remote environment they might succeed in. Then you can see if that’s something your team can reasonably offer. Now that companies are embracing a hybrid or fully remote style of working, it’s more important than ever that your team members have the soft skills necessary to succeed in a remote environment.

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