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Because Stable Diffusion is open-sourced since its release, users have been able to download it and use it at no cost; however, this typically requires some technical skill. Bing’s Image Creator is powered by a more advanced version of the DALL-E, and produces the same (if not higher) quality results just as quickly. All you need to do to access the image generator is visit the Image Creator website and sign in with a Microsoft account. The chatbot’s integration with Adobe Firefly also means that it can be used to create AI-generated images.

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I put young Skip in the style of Pieter Bruegel, the famed Dutch artist behind works like The Blind Leading the Blind. I tried it with a mandala pattern and it was… interesting, I guess. I then added a Salvador Dali painting to the style, and—well—it came out kind of boring. I like what It came up with for The Dispossessed but can’t really tell what it had in mind for A Memory Called Empire. The system is also surprisingly fast, just by the examples above you can see the AI isn’t afraid to mix and match art styles on a whim.

Reface: Face Swap Videos

This is a great AI video platform or tool for creating videos. With little to no work, it rapidly generates and broadcasts videos of professional quality. The transformer-based language model is more complex than many existing language models, like OpenAI Codex, with 41.4 billion parameters. AlphaCode provides training in a number of programming languages, Yakov Livshits including C#, Ruby, Scala, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Go, and Rust. The most commonly used tool from OpenAI to date is ChatGPT, which offers common users free access to basic AI content development. It has also announced its experimental premium subscription, ChatGPT Plus, for users who need additional processing power, and early access to new features.

Give it anything more esoteric or imprecise, and it will spit out some pretty wild visuals. To be clear, I prefer some more stylistically strange, but people morphing into each other isn’t quite what I intended with a prompt. If you’ve taken any of Google’s Coursera courses, you’ll be familiar with this delivery method. You’re given a handful of tasks and a countdown timer, in this case 1hr, will begin when you start the lab.

What to do when few-shot learning isn’t enough…

It uses LaMDA, a transformer-based model, and is seen as Google’s counterpart to ChatGPT. Currently in the experimental phase, Bard is accessible to a limited user base in the US and UK. Transform your ideas into free AI-generated images, and then transform those images into wall art, home decor, tech accessories, apparel, and more.

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A prolific businessman and investor, and the founder of several large companies in Israel, the USA and the UAE, Yakov’s corporation comprises over 2,000 employees all over the world. He graduated from the University of Oxford in the UK and Technion in Israel, before moving on to study complex systems science at NECSI in the USA. Yakov has a Masters in Software Development.

Reflections on «On Bullshit» and generative AI (opinion) – Inside Higher Ed

Reflections on «On Bullshit» and generative AI (opinion).

Posted: Thu, 14 Sep 2023 07:01:59 GMT [source]

You can choose between different styles (painting, photo, sci-fi, anime…) and then write or narrate your text description. The Face Swap mobile app is a fun and easy way to swap faces with friends or celebrities or insert your face into a pre-made video. It uses face swap technology which allows you to swap faces in real time using a camera. It also offers a number of filters, GIFs, and funny videos.

You can create new documents or scratch or use existing templates, entering a written command, which the assistant will respond to with text output. You can craft the output response by entering a content description or brief and providing details on your tone of voice and what keywords you want to use. Bard will respond to each prompt with three drafted responses, which you can change between to get the most comprehensive response for your needs. It’s also connected to the Internet, meaning you can use it to summarize other online content and current events.

The AI “learns” from the surrounding frames of the video, resulting in natural results. AI tools are software applications that utilize artificial intelligence to Yakov Livshits solve specific problems. Discord is a FREE, easy to join community platform with 300 million users. Our AI image generation app is currently only available here.

Uberduck text to speech has more than 5000 expressive voices you can choose for your voiceover, and it also allows you to clone your own voice. You can use it for fun (you can have the voice sing or rap) or for commercial purposes. Magic sketchpad is an AI tool that helps you finish your drawings.

  • This software is so good that it has produced award-winning art.
  • A short, one-hour video introduction to some of the key prompts, tricks, and tips that anyone can use to start making better images with Midjourney.
  • The company is also advertising different features, like tools to remove objects and backgrounds from photos, though those do indeed cost money.
  • Think of creating a vivid scene with distinct characters, elements, settings, and items that will bring your work to life.
  • Speech Generation can be used in text-to-speech conversion, virtual assistants, and voice cloning.

In my own tests I found it did not create art with any meaningful quality, so I did not include that feature in the list. Artbreeder’s “Splicer” model kept deforming the image to the point it was unusable, and I quickly used up its three upload slots for the free version. Bard is a chatbot and content generation tool developed by Google.

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